Where to find Andoriña
For reservations: call (3) 944 6333 (prefered) or send an e-mail: hostalandorinasamaipata@gmail.com (2 days before) Visite nuestra versión en ESPAÑOL
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Andoriña Hostal, Arte & Cultura (Guesthouse)

For reservations:

Call (591) (0) (3) 944 6333 (prefered) from a phone cabin:

ask how to dial to Samaipata (sometimes direct, but often including the 3 or even the 0)

Mobile: 74675541 / 67738886




send an e-mail to: hostalandorinasamaipata@gmail.com (at least 2 days before arrival)

Attention: because we only have seven rooms, we can only accept reservations of a minimum of two nights !