Where to find Andoriña
For reservations: call (3) 944 6333 (prefered) or send an e-mail: hostalandorinasamaipata@gmail.com (2 days before) Visite nuestra versión en ESPAÑOL
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In Andoriña we provide you high value at low rates and comfort in a homely atmosphere. Backpackers, nature-, peace- and music lovers, families, you all will find a combination which is hard to find . . . We'll inform you completely, arrange transport and work 100 % commission-free ! All prices include a fruity breakfast, whole wheat bread/marmelade with filter coffee or garden herb tea, use of kitchen and mineral water!

Two bed dormitory with the best view in town over Amboró and village ! Incl. private balcony and breakfast, shared bathroom

120 Bs for 2 persons

80 Bs for 1 person

Two 3-persons dormitories with shared bathroom

60 Bs per person (bigger beds, spacious and more quiet room)

Room with two beds, private bathroom,

towels, balcony and view

130 Bs per room or 90 Bs for one person

Matrimonial with private bathroom, towels, private balcony and views, mezzanine with extra bed for 1 or 2 children

150 Bs per room

210 Bs with child(ren)

Two luxurious and spacious doubles with each two extra beds, private bathroom, towels, private balcony and views.

150 Bs per couple

210 Bs with 3 persons

260 Bs with 4 persons

(Appromximately 68 Bs = 10 U$ and 100 Bs = 11 Euro)

All prices include:

A breakfast with lots of fruits, whole wheat bread with homemade marmelade,
real filtered coffee or fresh herb tea and mineral water,
common use of diferrent spaces with comfortable seats,
the spacious balcony, patio and terrace.
Spring matresses of high quality

To enjoy with your new friends...

Viewpoint with four seats to enjoy fresh air

and amazing views & sky

The common area downstairs has many comfortable seats and corners to sit or read, a fireplace, bar,
(cultural) movie corner, and as anywhere in the house, pictures on the wall. It also serves for reunions
up to 12 persons (with tables) or 25 persons (only chairs). And much more...