Where to find Andoriña
For reservations: call (3) 944 6333 (prefered) or send an e-mail: hostalandorinasamaipata@gmail.com (2 days before) Visite nuestra versión en ESPAÑOL
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Andoriña Art & Culture

Everybody's invited to our one hour slideshows (twice a week) with more than 300 pictures and inspirational music.


Mini library in Andoriña

Andoriña now has a small library, for everybody ! There are titles in Spanish, English, Dutch, French and German. There are spiritual books, children's tales, a world atlas etc. etc... Further we have a book exchange, one for one paying 5 Bs.


Join a painting course of a few days, a week or more with teacher Claudia.

More Information in Andoriña.



The Cultural Center Samaipata has been renovated with financial help
of the ASAC, so they have their own cultural center !



ASAC, the Assocation Samaipata Cultural, has been created in February 2007
by a group of eight women with a young mind (Doriña is part of the association)
with the following purpose: rescueing, stimulate and strenghten the culture in all
its expressions, with the dinamysm and the enthousiasm with caracterize us women.
ASAC has been founded in a non-profit philosophy, with the simple idea looking
for alliances which promote a wake-up, a rebirth and stimulation of the conscience
of the whole population samaipateña, children, youngsters and adults, towards the
importance of the Culture, its own and universal. Like culture is a process of
development of formation of tipical Caracteristics, Costums and Expressions of a village
- in descent or ascent - we noticed a tendence of a grave descent the last years,
which made us decide that it was time to take action and founded our group.

  A few activities realized by ASAC: